x Th3 SiL3NT KILL3R SnIp3Rs x


W3LCoM3  To Th3 SIL3NT KiLL3r SnIp3rs


        This is the official website for the  *SkS* clan on call of duty,black ops 2 this is were we will be contacting eachother for news important information and clan battles.


Quick question to all SKS members HAVE YOU EVEN
BEEN GOING ON COD3 as SKS I have been on quite a bit and have not seen a single SKS member except for the fake sks players so come on. I don't usually say this but GET YOUR ASSES ON COD BLACK OPS  2  NOW or I will strip you of your current ranking and you will become a private got it now get out there and bring SKS back to the top since we have been of I have noticed more glitchers coming on and glitching that is not acceptable so lets show them that it is not.

sks clan on facebook look below for info on where clan meeting will be held at

request a membership on Facebook for our group just type in sks and it should show up our group request to be in it if you are a sks member this away we can all be in one area if need be and so that sks P719SC doesn't have to send individual things out he can just chat to the whole clan.

This is for clan meetings the sites are www.tinychat.com/reaver99, no password www.tinychat.com/sksbearcat, no password
tinychat.com/sksp719sc password needed




THE is P719SC leader of *SkS, Is *SKS We are looking for GOOD,LOYAL,HONEST,UNCHEATING,ACCUARCY,ALOT OF HEART,these are the values SkS is looking for,if you think you  fit these descriptoion join up.

About  *SkS*

here in SkS we are all about having fun killing people, we bring good players together so we can all play freely with no glitching or cheating, we are here for one pourpuse and thats to play the game right and kill those who dont,all are members are loyal to the clan they are in the only one and thats SkS, we are all skilled so we have no  need to  glitch, SkS is a speacial force in  the military they are very high ranked, if you have any guestions about anything just ask me and i will ask them . a little history about SkS was created on july 3, 2010, at the time beast mode was the leader and they only had  barrocho loco, and atek69, now we have grown bigger and stronger, if there anything u want to no just ask me  i have no secrets.